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Hey folx!

I had a new smoker built and I just wanted to share it with you all. It’s based on a design from Big Drum Smokers but I had some of my own modifications built in like an ash pan and a charcoal door. There will be a few different mods in the next model but I am still tickled pink about this one! I know how you all enjoy pictures so here are a bunch!!



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11 Responses to “NEW SMOKER!!!!”

Sylvie Says:

Looks great. How does it maintain the temps?

bigmista Says:

It held 300 degrees for 5 hours steady without touching it. I just have to figure out how to cook at a lower temp. Gonna try closing one more hole and see what happens this weekend.

tnchick Says:


Enjoy that new smoker.

Professor Salt Says:

That grill looks bigger than my WSM. Is that a grill for a 22″ Weber kettle?

Icemn62 Says:

Congrats on the addition to smoking family….I know you are going to have a good time getting to know each other, your likes and dislikes. Once the two have had time to work together, the food will be jumping out of the fridge to get on them grates.

bigmista Says:


I almost missed your post. It came in burried between 175 spam messages. Bastards!!

Yes that is the 22 inch kettle grill. I have two of them now. You will see them in action in my next post

Sylvie Says:

Forgive me for missing dinner Saturday. I know it was fab. I offer no excuses other than I got the day mixed up. I would look pretty stupid showing up at your place this coming weekend.

bigmista Says:

No apologies needed. There will always be more food!!

BBQ Junkie Says:

Look at that thing, amazing… just like you said it was going to be. Congratulations on your new smoker. How much did it cost to produce (materials and labor)?

Backyard Chef Says:

Each time I look at that thing I get more and more jealous– I wish I had one sitting right outside w/ some sweet blue rising. Rock on, BigMista (and Mrs. BigMista!!)

Ken Says:

Know this is a late post but I just had to tell you that is a great smoker.

If you have the plans, measurements etc I would like to get a copy. Will pay for a copy of plans.

I would really like to get something like this and start a war with my brother-in-law on smoking. Think I could blow him away.

Also checked out your top that you showed in July.

Just wanted you to know that found you on Internet Income Lab. Look forward to learning from you.



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